Laundry family gathering in Zengcheng, 2019 Laundry Industry Spring Festival sodality held

Issuing time:2019-11-15 00:00

More than 300 people from the Laundryindustry gathered in Zengcheng, guangdong province on Jan 5 2019 to review thejoy and harvest of 2018, looking forward to the industry direction anddevelopment in 2019, and celebrating the New Year coming. The sodality issponsored by the Laundry Committee of China Business Federation, Coorganizedby Guangdong Laundry Industry Association and Guangzhou Laundry Industry Association,exclusive sponsorship by Shanghai Weishi Mechanical co., LTD, andstrong supported by Tiantian laundry (Guangzhou) co., LTD and Shangjin(Shenzhen) Clean Technology co., LTD.

On the same day, the participants visitedJianhong technology washing base and Zengcheng industrial park of TiantianLaundry (Guangzhou) co., LTD. The integration of resources presented by thestandard production and efficient operation in Jianhong washing base arerefreshing. The museum of Tiantian industrial park allows us to relive theglorious history of China's cathartic development. Looking back at the past andlooking forward to the future, it is particularly stirring at this time ofbidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new.

The2019 Spring Festival was held in a joyous and peaceful atmosphere in theafternoon. Lu Zhiji, President of Guangdong Laundry Industry Association and LvLiyi, Chairman of Shanghai WeishiMechanical co., LTD addressed the guests onbehalf of the industry.

Ms. Feng Jinna, deputy secretary general ofthe Laundry Committee of China Federation of Commerce, made the annual workreport of the washing committee 2018 on behalf of the washing committee at thesodality.

An affectionate chorus "MyMotherland" sang the overture of the dinner following. The dedicated andprofessional washers showed a different light on the stage by performing thelion dance with gong and drum, singing euphemistic and passionate song solo, dancinggraceful "Avalokitesvara" and “Grateful Heart”, and Dynamic "Panama". Mr. Cao Dongningwith granddaughter Cao Shujing brought us Zheng solo& Nunchucks performancewhich filled the entire dinner scene with thick Chinese feeling and the warmthof home.

Director Mr. Wei Pan, Laundry Committee ofChina Business Federation, gave a toast to the guests at the dinner. He messaged:time does not live, season is like flow, although future still can face a lotof difficulties an challenges, but believe firmly all the time that as long aswe hard work with passion and unity, staying true to the mission and going forward courageously, we cancreate surely laundry industry more brilliant tomorrow!

The exciting lottery drew the climax of thedinner, laughter and cheers filled every corner of the dinner. The dinner endedwith a chorus “Tomorrow will be Better”. Wish all the washers a broaderplatform and field in the coming year, continue hard working, contributingto the development of the industry andtowards a continuous brilliant tomorrow!

“China Laundry”reported in Guangzhou

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