Hard-core gallop!Ruikang,duckers,Taidi enterprises love to build another line of defense

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During the Spring Festival, NCP is moving people' hearts, 31 provinces and cities across the country have launched a major public health emergency Level I response, epidemic prevention and control quickly become the current priority. All over the medical supplies enterprises overtime, open enough horsepower to step up production, to help Wuhan.



Rycon goes all out.

Multi-faceted rescue epidemic fighting front


As one of the leading domestic pharmaceutical circulation enterprises, Ruikang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., from the beginning of the outbreak in this epidemic prevention battle without hesitation to fight in the front line, make full use of the resources and advantages of many warehouses in Ruikang Logistics Province, coordination operations, regional coverage, standardized distribution, emergency mobilization of various protective materials and diagnostic products to the most needy hospitals and front-line medical staff.

On January 23, the Ruikang logistics team urgently coordinated two drivers with an emergency vehicle to rescue 10 sets of ventilators overnight at Xianyang Medical Center in Shaanxi Province. At the same time, Ruikang Pharmaceuticals promised to ensure that all anti-epidemic drugs, protective materials and other supply prices are stable, purchase and sale, without price increases.

It is reported that since Ruikang's first batch of masks, thermometers, e-temperature guns, goggles and other scarce medical supplies through the Jiangxi Red Cross to the Hubei Red Cross, from the beginning of the new year to the fourth day, Ruikang accumulated more than 20,000 pieces containing antiviral, anti-throat, cold and heat prevention drugs; Emergency materials such as disinfectants arrive at all levels of medical institutions.

On January 30, Ruikang Pharmaceutical Group again decided to donate 5 million yuan worth of medical equipment and reagents to the designated hospital of the Joint Operations Protection Force of the Military Commission to help the army fight the epidemic. In addition, Ruikang Internet Hospital technical team on standby, since the beginning of the second year into the full working state, closely cooperate with Gaomi City People's Hospital, Binzhou City Second People's Hospital, 24 hours comprehensive technical support and service response, to ensure the smooth operation of Internet hospitals, for the general public to provide remote consultation, remote consultation and drug guidance services.



50 killing washing machines to help Wuhan

Duckling highlights the role of state-owned enterprises


The pneumonia of the new coronavirus infection is raging, with the rapid spread of the Spring Festival, the country has been reporting infected cases, in order to prevent infection in the hospital has become another major transmission route, Shandong Duckling Group to highlight the role of state-owned enterprises, the production of sterilization function roller washing machine donated to medical institutions free of charge.

Following the donation of 20 sterilised washing machines to four isolation hospitals in Jinan City, the Duckling Group decided to donate 50 drum washing machines with sterilization function to two hospitals in Wuhan, Fushenshan and Leishenshan. Used for two hospital medical staff to wash clothing during isolation.

It is understood that the duckling group donated this washing machine with ozone sterilization, pasteurizing, high-temperature cooking and intelligent drying function, triple demystifying bacteria to meet the needs of medical nursing staff their own clean clothes, can ensure the killing of bacteria and viruses, to ensure the safety of medical nursing staff close clothing washing.

Duckling Group said: will do its utmost to fight the new coronavirus pneumonia front-line medical workers to help, with the people of the whole country, firm confidence, scientific prevention and control, resolutely win the outbreak prevention and control sniper war!


Buy 1 million medical supplies overseas

Thai Dichi to help Wuhan just in time


All in one heart to fight the epidemic. Epidemic is the order, epidemic prevention is the responsibility! In the key period to combat the epidemic, Taidi Technology will work with the people in the affected areas to overcome difficult times and keep peace.

Through overseas channels, Taidi purchased medical supplies including 84 disinfectants, N95 masks, medical masks and other medical materials to support Wuhan in the fight against the outbreak of new coronavirus-infected pneumonia. At present, the first batch of 50 tons of 84 disinfection liquid has arrived in Wuhan, 30,000 N95 mask industry has also been shipped from overseas. It is reported that Taidi overseas purchase of medical supplies worth more than 1 million yuan, the shopping funds will be donated through the Wuhan Red Cross all donated to Hubei Hospital.

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