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Dalian YOUBANG Laundry was opened in December 2014, the development to the present, in Dalian, Liaoning has eight laundry stores, the central factory and laundry stores combined with the model of daily operation, in 2019 registered VIP member revenue of about 4 million, and has been in a sustained growth trend.


Return to the nature of laundry

Wake up customers' laundry habits


People who have worked as laundromat operators know that the operation of a laundromat is not really high cost for direct washing, but some ancillary costs such as shop rent, fine decoration, and some materialpurchase spending beyond the actual use, as well as for market education, logistics, public relations sales, etc., have become the main factor in the overall cost of the laundromat. These difficult to share the cost is difficult to empty, so most laundries can only put its huge cost pressure to raise the price of laundry to pass on to consumers, on the surface, is to provide customers with a relatively good value for laundry services, in fact, but inhibited the vast majority of ordinary consumers of laundry demand, Make professional laundry has become a relatively high-end consumption behavior, few consumers develop daily clothing to wash the consumption habits.

In YOUBANG Laundry, with professional equipment, chemicals and washing technology, for customers to solve some at home can not solve the problem of laundry washing ironing, with the scale effect to solve the washing costs and time costs, to provide customers with the cost they can afford and willing to pay for the cost of laundry back to rational, so that the laundry prices return to rational, It is an effective strategy to wake up the customer's laundry consumption habits and enhance the laundry consumption to bring the function of the laundromat back to the essence of laundry.



Be the best you can be.

Marketing is about letting you know my good


YOUBANG stresses "effective delivery". From the front desk of the store to the washing plant, from washing sorting to washing, drying, ironing, to quality inspection, re sorting until the packaging factory washing process, through the strict layer quality inspection to achieve the orderly convergence of all links, to achieve the final effective delivery. Quality inspection throughout the whole process, washing personnel is quality inspection, check whether the clothes are washed, whether there is a problem need to wash back? What is the cause of the problem? Ironing person is a quality inspection, clothes on the ironing robot because of the wind spread, check whether there has been a relevant labeling prompt? Whether the stain struck is not clear and so on washing abnormal situation, quality inspection personnel, but also to carefully check clothing, need to pay special attention to the special inspection of various parts, etc. , and finally this garment before delivery at the factory, the front desk will again carry out quality inspection, to ensure that the clothes paid to customers are "should be washed all washed, no washing is no longer washing problem", Finally is the real quality inspection, that is, customer recognition!

With the professionalism and skilled experience of technology to achieve delivery confidence, the realization of quality flawless delivery is the most sincere service to customers, of course, is the best interpretation of the dignity of the laundry profession. In ensuring the quality of customers at the same time, so that customers have a good consumer experience, the intention to let customers feel that they are valued, thereby generating a willingness to continue to consume is what YOUBANG has been trying to do.

In the front desk of the YOUBANG Laundry, often see such a scene, many old customers have just appeared in the front desk staff vision, has not yet communicated, the front desk staff has skillfully transferred the customer's consumption information, and reported the customer may need consumer demand. Imagine, there is such a time to put their own information in the heart of the customer service staff, this attention to the psychological pleasure who would not want to enjoy it? In this way, don't say register to become a VIP, that is, become a super VIP, customers are certainly very happy. In this way, the customer comments on YOUBANG's front desk: "Read your feelings like spring." "It's not hard to understand.



Quick lyssaving and restoring

Everything is the best arrangement


Often in YOUBANG consumers are clear, like "shoe washing 9.9 yuan fastest two hours desirable, shirt 4.9 yuan the fastest 20 minutes desirable" such a seemingly low-cost marketing activities, in fact, YOUBANG laundry business norms all year round. The reason why there is such a people-friendly price, in fact, and YOUBANG through technological technology innovation, advanced and effective automation equipment and information management means, such as the use of the use of high efficiency and low consumption is inseparable, it should be said that this is not only an advantage, but also The unique bottom of YOUBANG.

For example, shirts and down jackets, the original need to go through pre-treatment, manual brushing, and then machine washing complex process, change to now without any treatment, directly with advanced chemical machine washing can achieve excellent wash. For example, the use of patented shoe washing machine, can make shoe washers every day to wash more than 120 pairs, so that shoes drying speed to an hour, greatly reduce the labor cost of shoes washing, so that there is a greater price operation space, such as the use of multi-functional shirt machine, So that all models of suit jacket and long cotton clothing windbreaker can be achieved on a single machine automatic ironing, but also can take into account the ironing of men's and women's shirts, achieve efficiency and energy costs of the ultimate optimization, equipment can also be the ultimate application.

For example, the software management system, not only clothing tracking inquiries, performance management and other basic functions, but also clothing delivery countdown warning function, to ensure the effective and timely delivery of all clothing. There are also customer consumption habits and the degree of picky service portrait marks, so that all stores in the service of this customer open the clothing interface can remind the customer's characteristics, so that the service to do more standard refinement.

In YOUBANG laundry, washing technology in the widespread use of fine chemicals, so that the laundry process is becoming more and more simple, the original many of the "technical" level of dependence is gradually weakened or even completely replaced. Optimize all production links to enhance the production advantage. Let the washing process is procedural, standardized, replicable, and through reasonable layout and the improvement of various capabilities to form a relative price advantage, shape the brand consumption image, change the customer's consumption habits and structure, effectively increase the frequency of washing, improve the level of consumption.


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Do it with your heart, it's better than perfect


YOUBANG Laundry's team, mostly motivated young people, the whole factory and store work atmosphere is relaxed and active, full of passion. The company's business strategy, business process, etc. through the effective decision-making of decision makers, managers' full advocacy, with their sense of responsibility and positive work attitude to easily implement, to the store consumer customers are often infected by their dynamic work scene.

YOUBANG's talent management mechanism is to let employees "do with their hearts, complete better than perfect", so that they have full room for growth, access to a stable sense of belonging to the enterprise. Let every employee in the enterprise feel caring for respect, form a strong cohesion, work together to use the hands of advanced equipment and operating skills, and effectively translate into the profitability of stores, so as to bring themselves more security and welfare, in the personal growth experience at the same time, become the core of the promotion of enterprise development.

As YOUBANG Laundry Director Liu Yanan sensed, as long as we remember the company's operating mission, pay more attention to the accumulation of peacetime experience, diligent learning and thinking, will be able to keep pace with the company's pace, try to do everything better, for customers to create better quality washing quality and service experience.



Introduction to Dalian Aiyou Laundry Co., Ltd.


Dalian YOUBANG Laundry Co. , Ltd. was established in 2007, is a fine laundry service chain operation, laundry de-staining professional product research and development and production, washing and dyeing technology training, washing and ironing equipment import and export manufacturing of integrated laundry enterprises. With a modern washing central factory, high-quality products, technology leadership, advanced service as the business philosophy, to achieve enterprise development platform, systematization, scientific, efficient operation, forming a joint industrial chain, to provide customers with lower washing costs, better quality, faster service washing and dyeing services.

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Corporate perspective, not Wash Vision position


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