The First Third General Meeting of Shandong Washing and Dyeing Industry Association was held

Issuing time:2020-01-17 13:31

On December 27th, the first third general meeting ofShandong Province Washing and Dyeing Industry Association was held in TheShandong Yuanshan Hard Work Education Base. The conference was supported byShanghai Weiss Machinery Co., Ltd., Beijing Yusa Washing Equipment Co., Ltd.,Kunshan Chuan Island Washing Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Liju Hot WaterMachine Co., Ltd., Shanghai Eliza Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., JiangsuTengyu Weaving Co., Ltd., Huibu (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd. (ranked in noparticular order). A total of nearly 200 people from the local relevantdepartment leaders, representatives of local associations and members of theShandong Washing and Dyeing Industry Association attended the meeting.

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The guests first visited the Party Experience Hall of theShandong Yuanshan Hard Work Education Base, and then participated in a two-hourexchange and sharing event on washing and dyeing technology.

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In the afternoon, the general meeting of members inShandong Province washing and dyeing industry branch of the 2019 annual workreport and "don't forget the first heart, keep in mind the mission"theme of the party class officially began. The meeting considered and adoptedthe 2019 Annual Work Report and the 2019 Financial Work Report of the ShandongWashing and Dyeing Industry Association, and considered and adopted the Amendmentof the Measures for the Management of members of the Shandong Washing andDyeing Industry Association, and elected the Vice President and the addition ofthe list of directors and members To consider and adopt the adjusted list ofexperts in the quality appraisal of washing and dyeing in Shandong Province andthe list of self-regulatory oversight committees; to award licenses to newmember and member units; and to consider the 2020 Work Plan of the Council.

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Sun Shanjia, president of Shandong Province Washing andDyeing Industry Association, addressed the meeting, and first of all, heextended a warm welcome and sincere thanks to the guests from all walks of lifewho were invited to attend the meeting. President Sun through the recentanalysis of the washing and dyeing market, hope that all members adhering tothe principle of good faith management, adhere to the bottom line ofprofessional ethics, lead by example, resolutely resist illegal and illegalactivities, promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry,promote the government, the media, consumers of the industry developmentawareness, enhance the business confidence of legitimate enterprises, Increasedsupervision of illegal enterprises. He said: In view of the shortage of talentin the industry, environmental pressure and other development problems,Shandong washing and dyeing industry association will continue to work hard,build cross-enterprise, cross-industry exchange platform, promote theintegration of industry assets and technology integration, to build a regionalintensive industrial chain, to achieve the industry upstream and downstreamlinkage development. In the future, Shandong washing and dyeing industryassociation will always lead everyone to follow the trend, the moral, theemergency bureau, and hope that all washing and dyeing people work together tocreate a common, co-built, shared washing and dyeing environment, to promotethe healthy development of Shandong washing and dyeing industry.

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Subsequently, Shandong Province washing and dyeingindustry association held a grand award ceremony. For Jining Kerry Industry andTrade Co., Ltd., Qingdao Jieshen Technology Co., Ltd., Guopharma Langjie(Shandong) Logistics Services Co., Ltd., Qingdao One-Hu Leather Products Co.,Ltd., Qingdao Jieschmann Medical Textile Technology Co., Ltd., ShandongGentleman's Name Washing Trading Co., Ltd., Binzhou Garment Washing Co., Ltd.,Shandong Dacheng Machinery Washing Co., Ltd., Shandong Lai-Sai WashingTechnology Co., Ltd., Zibo Beishu Washing Services Co., Ltd., Zibo Hanlin RoyalLeather Maintenance Co., Ltd., Shandong Runquan Cleaning Services Co., Ltd.,Linyi Kintaipu Washing Co., Ltd., Yantai Products into washing supplies Co.,Ltd. (Development Zone Branch), Jinan Jie Bairun Trading Co., Ltd., YanjingWashing Services Co., Ltd., Zibo Wenblanci and other enterprises (ranked in noparticular order) issued "quality consumer integrity brand" honorarymedal.

Wei Changfeng, Wang Yunfei, Yu Dongmei, Daly, Wang Liang,HuZhong, Chen Kaishun, Lin Aiwu, Wang Xu, Wu Zhaoyu (ranked in no particularorder) awarded the "Star of The Art" honorary certificate for theoutstanding contestants who came out in the second Shandong Province 'SkillsXinglu' Vocational Skills Competition.


In the evening, Shandong Province Washing and DyeingIndustry Association for the guests to come to the meeting prepared a rich thank-you dinner, the participants gathered together to talk about friendship.And the scene of expert sharing, interactive sweepstakes, cultural performancesand other exciting activities will be the scene atmosphere to the climax.

On the 28th, the Association will also organize guestsand members to visit the Hard Work Education Base Memorial Hall, JiayuluMemorial Hall and other places to carry out vivid patriotic education, callingon everyone to keep in mind, do not forget the mission, and move forward.

Reporting by Zibo, China Laundry Magazine

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