2019 Picks! 18 laundromats all over the country in very different styles, did you impress?

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Recall2019, washing vision of the new column "different laundry", foreveryone to network across the country style is very different from the samelaundry, showing the different business style of each laundry, today's smalleditor for everyone to summarize the column recorded 18 different laundries.


"Kunshan Ziwei: intelligent customer service centerto help precision laundry services" to share how the laundry customerservice work can be more high-quality and efficient, "Kanghua laundrytide: a high-speed rail station in the unsubsed special laundry" as thewashing industry no-man's laundromat pioneer, its successful experience bringsthe laundry a different direction of development and inspiration.

Curiosity! What did the regular guest clothes experiencein the hotel laundry room? "Kicking Hall Kick Town: "SNEAKER"culture-oriented shoe washing brand" from the hotel laundry andprofessional shoe washing from different areas to show you the rare contact ofthe washing culture.

"Bull" and "Fire", and shoes of theinexplicable edge, "Xinchang Ot Washfolei: when the dream of the sunshines into reality, the heart will shine bright! Wuxi Nei: multi-channelcustomer drainage, effectively improve the level of store management, rabbit?From different angles, it shows the various ideas of laundromat women'sentrepreneurship and exploration of the way of business.

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2, Kanghua laundry tide: a high-speed rail station inthe undressed special washing shop

3, curiosity! What did the regular guest clothesexperience in the hotel laundry room?

4, Wave Shoe Hall Kicks Town: "SNEAKER"culture-oriented shoe washing brand

5, "Bull" and"Fire", and shoes of the inexplicable relationship

6, Xinchang Ot Washfoley: When the dream of sunshineinto reality, the heart will shine bright!

7, Wuxi Nei: multi-channel customer drainage,effectively improve the level of store management

8, rabbit it: coordinates of Shanghai and the area ofonly 140 flat laundromat, why frequently lead customers across the regionconsumption?


Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

"Diya laundry: 30 years of dedicated washing, theachievement of outstanding professional quality!" "Laundry""new people" Yu Luxury Hui: a trace of quality of environmentalprotection visual washhouse", an old and new two laundries, from differententry points converge to the same quality business standards, a Chinesepractice and experience, it is worth everyone's careful taste.

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1, polyester laundry: 30 years of dedicated washing,the achievement of outstanding professional quality!

2, laundry "new people" Yu Hui: a trace ofquality of environmental protection visual wash house



Innovation Green Bag Hotel: "Luxury CareButler" in the city, Sanya Rongfu: beginning with the beginning of theheart loyal to service is better than quality, Xiamen UA washing: care for thelover, from the liberation of her hands began", three laundries insouthern China, for everyone to show the expansion of the laundry diversifiedbusiness ideas, How can laundromats achieve better profitability? They may beable to give you a different kind of inspiration.

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1, the innovation of the She Green Bag Hotel:"Luxury Care Butler" in the City

2, Sanya Rongfu: from the beginning of the heartloyal to service than quality

3, Xiamen UA washing: care for the lover, from theliberation of her hands began



"PISTO LAVORO Pistorius Workshop: professional conceptto do professional luxury maintenance", "light oxygen laundry: tocampus self-service laundry as the starting point of the joint serviceplatform, the establishment of two years has been multi-round investment",the focus of the strength is one of the successful operation of Pisto workshopexperience, and Wuhan light oxygen self-help industry is equally vocal, Eachhas its own business model to fully meet the different needs of the market.

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1, PISTO LAVORO Pisto workshop: with professionalconcept to do professional luxury maintenance

2, light oxygen laundry: to campus self-servicelaundry as the starting point of the service platform, the establishment of twoyears has been multi-round investment



Tired of stains: tell you how to easily achieve"affordable luxury", luxury brand washing although many laundrieshave opened projects, but how to achieve parity washing, so that more consumersbenefit? Chengdu's experience approach may bring some thinking and reference.

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Jinzhou Qiubo: such "Liaoning Province washing anddyeing industry leader", is not a false name! "Yimei Bijie: is tolike you ... Clean and clean look! In the same northeast region, in the face ofsimilar consumption habits of customers, they each use what kind of differentbusiness approach to attract customers to come to consumption? Read back again,and it's sure to give you something to gain.

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1, Jinzhou Qiubo: such a "Liaoning Provincewashing and dyeing industry leader", is not a false name!

2, Yimei Bijie: is to like you... Clean and cleanlook!



In the face of washing market consumption needs, manydifferent regions of the laundry according to the different qualityrequirements of customers and consumption habits, have explored and practicetheirtheir own characteristics of the way of business, in the complex competitiveenvironment, fight out their own side of the world, their experience sharingalthough different, but the length of the rich, It is bound to bring some newthinking and inspiration to everyone.

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