Serve the Winter Olympics, Promote the development of Hebei washing and dyeing industry

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On December 28th, the third general meeting of the Hebei Business Federation's washing and dyeing professional committee and the 2019 annual meeting were held in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Mr. Dai Heping, Chairman of Sanhe Tai Yue Washing Co., Ltd., was successfully elected as the new Chairman of the Hebei Business Federation's Washing and Dyeing Professional Committee at this meeting. In order to further understand the work of the new committee of the Hebei Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its work trends and planning, the reporter invited President Dai Heping after the meeting, asked him to share with you.



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Reporter: Congratulations on Dai's successful election as the chairman of the Hebei Business Federation's washing and dyeing professional committee, first of all, please briefly introduce the basic situation of Hebei washing and dyeing committee.

President Dai:We are in Hebei Province, the Department of Commerce under the Business Federation registered the establishment of the washing anddyeing professional committee, has been established for 10 years, has been to promote the development of hebei province washing and dyeing industry to do work. Especially in recent years, after the adjustment of Beijing's environmental planning policy, in the need to relieve the capital's environmental protection function, about 80% of the original washing and dyeing enterprises in Beijing have been relocated to Hebei Yanjiao, Chengde, Zhangzhou, Bazhou and other places, so that the development scale of Hebei Province's washing and dyeing industry has grown rapidly, and the industry's normative and orderly development is also facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges.


Reporter: Hebei is in the important link of the national Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei development strategy, what opportunities and challenges do you think Hebei province washing and dyeing industry is facing in the process of development?

President Dai:At present, we serve Beijing's washing and dyeing enterprises, whether it is hotel public textiles, or medical public textiles, after moving to Hebei, the overall level of development is uneven. Although some of the large-scale washing industry has capital involvement in the development scale is relatively large, but in general the entire industry is facing the problem of transportation costs significantly increased;

So far, the communication between washing and dyeing enterprises and government departments has not fully kept up, the relevant environmental protection policies and standards of government departments, including enterprises in the development process of the voice is not enough in place, has not been well implemented and reflected. Although the influx of many washing enterprises is bound to bring great impact and opportunities on the scale of the development of the washing and dyeing industry, industrial structure adjustment and upgrading in Hebei Province, but it is true that a lot of work needs to be done to put the washing and dyeing industry on the right track.

Reporter: For the current development of the status quo, you think from the professional committee's point of view, can help the industry to do what aspects of the promotion work?

President Dai: Washing and dyeing professional committee as a bridge connecting enterprises and government departments, first of all, to recognize the situation and development tasks, enhance the washing and dyeing industry in the promotion of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei development strategy sense of mission;

At present, the first task is to ensure that Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics washing task quality and quantity completed. On December 14th, Hebei Provincial Commerce Department held a bidding meeting for the Winter Olympic Games washing project in Zhangjiakou, and I participated in the meeting as one of the heads of bidding companies. At the meeting, we Hebei Washing and Dyeing Committee and Hebei Province Washing and Dyeing Association jointly formulated the relevant standards for the Winter Olympic Games washing services, submitted to the Department of Commerce for approval. As recently as December 30, the Department of Commerce documents have been issued, passed the standards we submitted, and officially announced the participation in the Winter Olympic Games washing services of the winning enterprise, we Sanhe Taiyue also had the honor to successfully be among the winning.


Reporter: Sanhe Tai Yue in the industry has a long reputation, we have also done relevant reports, can you give us a general introduction to the current Sanhe Tai Yue some changes and development?

President Dai:Our company in May this year on a Weiss hanging system, this system and automation production line into one, the efficiency can save about 1/3.

Because this intelligent, automated hanging system production line in improving efficiency, energy saving stake, labor, cost reduction has achieved significant results, we immediately in July added a new configuration, completed the original factory plant two production lines modified, the current system running well, It is expected that the investment cost of the production line renovation will be recovered in about a year.

At the end of the interview, Dai also added: based on the vast number of customers on the Sanhe Tai Yue washing business of great recognition and trust, Sanhe Tai Yue this year also successfully undertook Beijing Daxing Airport and Southern Airlines' cloth washing business. Since its establishment more than 20 years, always uphold the "integrity of the industry, excellent service" purposes, calmly face the industry's development of environmental pressure and a variety of price competition impact. In the future, Sanhe Tai Yue will remain committed to the initial, always focus on quality excellence to continue to provide high-end customers with better quality washing services.

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